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In March 2007, a new physics research facility was set up at Cern on the Swiss border, to explore the origins of the universe. It includes a 27 Km circumference particle accelerator 100m underground to smash atoms together in the hope of re-enacting the Big-Bang. A stated objective is to identify the Higgs boson, known as the ‘God particle’, because of its importance to the standard model of physics, and to look for so-called supersymmetric particles, and to seek out the existence of additional dimensions. However, the particle accelerator cannot create matter, only destroy or change it. Man cannot create something from nothing. Presumably the aim is to try to create a particle that may have existed immediately after the Big-Bang, but it would probably only survive for a microsecond. We will watch this with interest1.


On March 16, 2009, the Templeton Foundation announced the winner of its annual £1M prize to Bernard d’Espagnat, a French physicist at the University of Paris-Sud. He receives the award from the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace for his work using theoretical physics to predict the reality of a hypercosmic god, who exists outside of the physical universe2.


So science now recognises the existence of God as well as additional dimensions, although the Bible and other ancient Hebrew writings show recognition of their existence thousands of years ago. The Spanish scholar Nachmonides in the 12th century, studying of the text of the early chapters of Genesis, concluded that they express the universe as having ten dimensions3.


There are 7 Hebrew words for Heavens found in the Old Testament:

Vilon – is the word for curtain or tent as where God stretches out the heavens. (Isaiah 40:22)

Rakia – refers to the physical or visible heavens containing the sun, moon and stars (Genesis 1:17).

Shechakim – refers to the atmosphere (Psalm 78:23).

Zevul – is the habitation where God’s glory exists as in the Heavenly City (Isaiah 63:15).

Maon – is the place where angels reside from which come songs (Psalm 42:8)

Machon – refers to the storehouses where the treasures of rain, snow and hail reside (Deuteronomy 26:15).

Aravot – is the storehouse of righteousness and peace, where angel beings reside and possibly the spirits of those not yet born in waiting(Psalm 6:4).


To our understanding, these descriptions may seem primitive, but they illustrate the revelation to the early Jews that there are unseen realities above and beyond what can be seen.


We live in a 3-Dimensional world: Height, length and depth or x, y and z coordinates. However, mathematically or conceptually, there are many more dimensions, although we can only perceive and understand 3 dimensions. Time or duration can be regarded as the fourth dimension. Though an object travels through time, we can only see it at one point in time. Mathematically it can be shown that there are in fact 10 possible dimensions4.


Our 3 dimensional universe is not all that God created. There are other dimensions, referred to in the Bible as the heavenlies. As we have mentioned, there are 7 words which are definitions of ‘the heavens’ in the Hebrew Bible, which, when added to the 3 we can perceive gives us the 10 dimensions. Some of these may be populated by other beings, known as cherubim, seraphim, angels and demons that we are unable to communicate with. We are only able to perceive and understand a small part of the whole. This is why the supernatural is so hard for us to grasp and accept. We have to be prepared to accept what we cannot see, hear or even understand and not lock ourselves into the small cave of our limited perception. Logic and reason often inhibit us from believing. We have to become like a child emerging from the womb, ready to learn and absorb the richness of the real world.


To help us understand the concept of other dimensions, let us first look at the relationship between the dimensions we can perceive. Consider, as an analogy, how we 3 dimensional people, if it were possible, might interact with a 2 dimensional world. Suppose I were able to take a large imaginary sheet and draw a flat 2D world that was actually alive, but I could control. Suppose there existed in that flat world some people that we will call flat people. I could see them, but they could not see me. In fact, flat people would not be able to see anything, as light and lenses are 3 dimensional. Therefore eyes would not be possible. So all they can do is touch each other at the edges as they come close to each other. They would not be able to comprehend us 3D people in our 3D world. If a ball were to be pushed through their world, it would appear initially as a dot, expanding into a circle of increasing size, then decreasing back to a dot before disappearing. I could paint and add 2D shapes to the flat world. I could move things in and out of their world as if by magic, but any 3D shapes would only appear as 2D cross-sections. I could get much closer to them than they could to each other, even touching many at the same time. I would have total power over them but they would have no power over me.


They might have an awareness of some presence from the 3D world, but it would be very primitive. If I pushed my finger or hand into their world, they would perceive a round shape filled with moving pulsating shapes (blood vessels) moving around changing shape and size, but have no comprehension of the real me. They would never be able to fully understand me, but at best would get a sense of 2D attributes. If they were aware of my presence at all, individual flat people would have different interpretations and views of me that might seem arbitrary. I might even appear to them as something that was inconsistent and made no sense.


Flat people would be totally visible to me. There would be nowhere they could hide. I would be able to see everything they do, think or plan to do, because everything would be visible. I would be able to do anything I want to their world at the flick of a finger.


What a primitive and restricted existence it would be to live in a 2D world, compared to a 3D world. Now consider how primitive our 3D world is to God.


We cannot comprehend God, but we are totally visible to Him and He can see our every move, plans and motives. There is nowhere to hide. ‘Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.’ (Psalm 139:7-10)


Imagine a flat people rebellion in which they try to attack me or overthrow me. They could shake their fists and shoot rockets at me without any effect. It would be laughable. But that is exactly what man does with God. Man tries to ignore Him, rebel against Him, resist Him, all to no avail. ‘The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sits in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.’ (Psalms 2:2-4)


We are absolutely dependent upon God and should welcome His presence in our world and into our lives. To resist and fight against Him is futile.


Consider another example. In the world of the Internet, we are familiar with communication using chat rooms. This is a virtual reality in which people set up a name and identity for themselves. They can enter and leave and communicate in real time. Now it would be possible for a person to live in such an environment and almost never interact with real life. Or take something like the film The Truman Show in which the main character lives in a contrived artificial world, which is being observed as a live TV show. There could be a virtual reality that the person could create for himself, and never venture out into the world of face-to-face relationships. It may even be possible that they could get to think that this was the only reality. We live in a 3D world, but there are in existence many more dimensions that we cannot perceive with our senses or understand with our minds.


Yet another way of looking at this is to consider how an earth-worm, whose perception of life is nothing more than the pressure of its immediate environment on its nose and body, would appreciate the world of humans with all its complexity. We would find it extremely difficult to communicate with the earthworm, but it would have much greater difficulty in trying to communicate with humans. In fact, it would be impossible without assistance from humans.


These are just analogies, but they illustrate how we can be unaware of these other higher dimensional worlds. God, by definition dwells in another dimension, but is able to interact with our 3 dimensional world without us being able to understand how.


Think then of the richness of a 3 dimensional world, compared to a 2 dimensional world. We can comprehend the fourth dimension, which is duration or time. We can only observe the instant of time we are in. If we were able to see into the fourth dimension, everything would appear to us as a series of tubes, like spaghetti. Take the simple example of a ball rolling down a static hill. At the start of our time slot it would appear as a ball. A second later we would see the ball further down the hill, joined by a ball sized tube. After a minute the tube would be a lot longer. A being outside of time, would be able to see the whole of the existence of the universe, starting with the point of the big bang and ending with the end of time, with the part in the middle expanding to the maximum size, filled with intertwining trails of spaghetti. Hard to imagine, but hopefully you can get the picture.


The fourth dimension comprises actually what happened during the passage of time; the actual choices made and how they are consequentially resolved. The fifth and sixth dimensions comprises all of the possible other outcomes of the fourth dimension, which is hard to visualise.


You can get from one dimension to the next by folding. A straight line is one dimension, but if it is folded it becomes a plane or 2 dimensional. If you take a 2 dimensional sheet and fold it, you create the 3rd dimension, which includes solid objects with form. If you fold the 3rd dimension, you get the 4th dimension which is an object moving through time. If you fold the 4th dimension, you get the 5th dimension which is every possible direction the moving object could have gone, and so on. After that it gets mind blowing. It can be shown mathematically that there are 10 dimensions, although this is far too complicated to explain in this book3.


A possible way of looking at the 5th and 6th dimensions is to think of the 3 dimensional universe as it is moving along the line of the 4th dimension, which is duration or time as it actually happened. This time line is analogous to the first dimension, length, in our 3 dimensional world. The 5th and 6th dimensions are equivalent to the breadth and height representing what might have happened if things had taken a different turn of events. We can now begin to see that God, inhabiting at least the 7th dimension, could look into the 6th dimension and see what would have happened if things had been different.


The reason for introducing the concept of dimensions early on in this book is because we will make frequent references to it. Having a rudimentary understanding of dimensions helps us understand some seemingly impossible miracles as feasible when the One who performs them is outside of space and time.


This now begins to give us feasible solutions to some of the questions that people have wrestled with and have not found satisfactory answers. I will deal with a few.


For example, in Joshua 10:12-13, Joshua cries out to God to make the sun stand still so that he can complete and win the battle, and God does it.  Again in Kings 20:8-11, Hezekiah asks Isaiah to request that God would give him a sign by moving the shadow backwards by 10 degrees. God brought the shadow backwards 10 degrees. Now, confined to a 3 dimensional universe, these are impossibilities. Did the Earth actually stop turning for several hours? Did the Earth actually stop and reverse by 10 degrees on its axis? If so, everything on it would have stopped dead and gone into reverse. At the equator, the surface of the earth is moving at close to 1000 miles per hour. Imagine the effect of an instant stop and reversed spin. If it were possible it would be catastrophic with everything flying off into space.

But looking at this from a 5th dimensional perspective there is a solution. These kinds of ‘impossibilities’ are extremely rare events because God does not trivially digress the laws He created. But for some exceptional situations He can use the 5th dimension to take the universe along a different path than it took in the 4th dimension and reverse an event that has already taken place. He could equally well change a future event that is destined to happen.


Another example of miracles that seem impossible is that of resurrection from the dead. Take the case of Lazarus in John 11. When Jesus arrives on the scene, Lazarus has been dead and buried for 4 days, by which time serious decomposition has set in. When Jesus cried ‘Lazarus come forth!’, did that command immediately reverse the decomposition of the body or provide him with a compete set of organs or a new body? I think not. More likely, in the 5th dimension, the event of Lazarus’s death was stopped and another path taken in which he lived.


These are incredible miracles and not to be detracted from by such analysis, but it does give a possible solution to some seemingly irrational situations.


The resurrection of Jesus as we shall discuss later is a totally different situation, since Lazarus and other such examples were resurrected only to die again some years later.


These miracles cannot be performed by anyone within our universe and illustrate the fact that God, manifested in Jesus truly is from outside of our dimension and far above our capacity to understand by human reasoning. All we can do is believe what He says and walk by faith.


Let’s consider a couple of philosophical questions.

What happens to people who die prematurely, in particular, babies and even the foetus that is aborted? In the 4th dimension of time, an event took place, such as an illness, an accident, a miscarriage or abortion, which made the time line of that being to cease. But in the 5th dimension there is a path that would have been followed had they continued to exist. We can perhaps speculate, but cannot see what might have happened, but God certainly can. He can actually see what would have happened to that person had the catastrophic event not taken place. He can therefore see and judge the person as to what they would have done with His offer of salvation and on that basis he can decide on their eternal destiny. I believe that every person who has ever been conceived will be in eternity, either in Heaven with God or in hell, without him. Therefore people who have lost babies before or after birth can take comfort in that they can look forward to meeting up with them in eternity, not as babies, but as fully matured spiritual beings.


The second thorny question that is answerable by the dimension theory is that of predestination versus free will. Theologians have argued for centuries on this one. Essentially the question relates to whether a person is predestined to follow a certain path or whether they have total free will. In particular, whether a person is saved because they chose to be or whether it is the sovereign will of God overriding free will. If you adopt the latter position then it could be claimed that God is unjust in sending anyone to hell, when it is He who has made that decision. Statements such as the words of Jesus ‘You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit’ (John 15:16) appear to be at odds with ‘whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.’ (John 3:15) The first statement indicates that God chooses to save a person. The second that anyone may believe and receive God’s offer of salvation, that is forgiveness from sin, because of the sacrifice of Jesus. It is open to anyone, and in that sense everyone is chosen. At a point in time an individual may have accepted or reject God’s offer, but God knows what they will do in the future and in all possible futures and what they would have done given a different past. So it would appear that a person born into a Christian home would have a better chance of salvation than one born into an atheistic environment, but God can see what would have been the outcome if the situation had been reversed. God looks on the heart of a person rather than judging by their outward actions or appearance. In that knowledge, we can be sure that God will judge everyone justly rather than on the basis of an accident of birth or circumstance, genetic or environmental factors.


Communication between these dimensions is very difficult, particularly for the lower levels. Conceptually we could easily interrupt the 2 dimensional flat world from our 3 dimensional world by writing or moving things in and out, although if we spoke to them they would not be able to hear as sound waves require 3 dimensions. So with all our powers of communication, it would be frustrating and limiting to converse or interact with a flat person. So you can see how frustrating it could be for God with His infinite power to interact and communicate with us 3 dimensional people. We should be amazed by His patience to continually reach out to us. That is true love. We shall discuss later how God communicates with us. The lower order dimension has no power to communicate with the higher order. So it is with man: we cannot initiate communication with the Creator. No amount of religious activity can impress or ingratiate Him. He sets the rules and the boundaries. He created us and He decides how we communicate with Him. He wrote the operations manual for us to live by – the Bible. We cannot pick and chose what to believe and what to obey without potentially dire consequences. He knows what is best for us and anything else is harmful. He knows not only the future, in the 4th dimension, but he can see all the possible outcomes in the 5th dimension. We have no option therefore but to trust him. He cannot only see, but He can change the future. How foolish we would be to trust our own instincts and senses, like an earthworm crawling blindly towards a lawnmower, when we have our Creator who loves us giving direction and guidance for our best. He can see, not only the next hour or day, not just the next 100 years, but every possible outcome throughout our existence and for all eternity and that for every individual who has ever lived. It is foolishness not to trust our lives to his keeping.


The Bible is partly a history book, although much of it was written before the events happened. To us this is impossible, but to God, being outside time and space, the future can be seen and changed as easily as the past. Much of the Bible refers to events that are still to take place. How many have wished they had a crystal ball or some means to see into the future, to be able to back the winning horse or predict the stock market. The Bible does not deal with such trivialities, but it does tell us about staggeringly significant events, past and future. For example, it tells us that the nations of the world will gather together and unite under one government that will be headed up by a man, seemingly a man of peace, but who actually will turn out to be more evil than Hitler; that he will force everyone to receive a mark (possibly a subcutaneous bio-chip implant) in order to be able to buy or sell; or alternately live as a starving outcast. How should we prepare for or respond to this kind of prophetic information? Would the Bible give sufficient information to enable us to escape the clutches of such a corrupt government?


These events will occur because they are predicted in the Bible, but exactly when they happen may depend on certain other events. It is possible that by our actions we can delay the onset of what is called ‘The Great Tribulation’.


Before we begin to look at such questions, we must first examine the credentials and authority of the Bible. Can we really trust its message or is it just a load of myths and fairy tales?


We have to recognise that whilst the history and stated facts of the Bible are reliable and trustworthy, there are also hidden messages and codes, which the casual reader will miss. Much of this encoded message is lost to us because the codification relies on knowledge of the practices and culture at the time of writing. Through research and archaeology, we have been able to understand more about the times and hence decode some of the messages.


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