The Bible


The Bible

The Search for Truth


The 3 Dimensional Universe

Other Dimensions

Hidden Codes in the Bible

The Purpose of Life

Outline of the Bible Message

In the Beginning

The 6 Days of Creation

Dating of Rocks and Fossils

Evolution vs Instantaneous Creation

The Unseen World

The Creation of Man

The Flood



God’s Timing

The Life of Jesus

The Death of Jesus

Sin, Restitution and Substitution

The Time of the Gentiles

‘Replacement Theology’

The Destiny of Israel

The Price of Peace

The Anti Christ

The Rapture

What of the Future?

Why is it so Obscure?

My Response



I wrote these articles to encourage those who are
struggling in their faith and finding it hard to believe
the Bible and commit themselves to Jesus Christ
as Saviour and Lord. I hope that I have been able to
show that the Bible is the word of God, totally
trustworthy and can be accepted as a manual for

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